Ocean County Modular Home Costs

As many people know,  the popularity of  modular homes in New Jersey has been increasing in recent years, in no small part due to Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.  Modular homes have been a viable option for decades, but only in the past 5-10 years have we really noticed them becoming more mainstream.  Years ago, as you may imagine, in terms of design, they were not much higher up the food chain than trailers.  Today, however, it’s difficult for a lay person, or even a builder, to notice the differences between a modular home and a traditionally framed home that is built on site.

Because modular housing has become much more popular, many of the calls we get are about pricing.  At least a few people per day are asking us what a modular home in Ocean County NJ costs.  While we do like to provide as accurate of an answer as possible to help educate homeowners about their various options, the bottom line is that it depends.  There are different levels of quality and many different things you can do to customize a modular home in NJ, so it’s hard to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate.

What Do Modular Homes In Ocean County NJ Cost?

At a basic level, if you live in Ocean or Monmouth County NJ, you get get into a new modular home starting at $110 per square foot.  This is extremely basic and doesn’t include many bells and whistles.  But it’s a high-quality home that is built to withstand high winds and storm conditions here at the Jersey Shore.  This entry level price point is especially attractive to people who were displaced by Superstorm Sandy and may not have a ton of time, money, or energy to build a custom home.  Unfortunately, over two years have passed since the storm and there are still thousands of New Jersey residents who are displaced.  They’re either waiting for the grant money, waiting for some other form of financing, or still trying to figure out what they need to do in order to rebuild the right way.

That $110 per square foot estimate for Ocean County modular homes is the starting point.  If you want to customize your home, which you can do nearly 100%, you will start to get up into the $130 range pretty quickly, and if you really want to go nuts, you can get all the way up to $180 per square foot or more.  Modern NJ modular homes are nearly infinitely customizable and cater to the latest design and lifestyle trends.  They may include open floor plans, larger closets, master suites, great rooms for entertaining, and even elevators.

Which Ocean County Modular Floor Plan Suits You?

You can browse our standard and upgraded Jersey Shore modular home floor plans here to see if there’s a floor plan that suits you.  Nearly all of these plans are customizable, so what you see isn’t necessarily what you have to get.  If you are looking for something a little more upscale, we also have our Barlo Modular Home Collection, designed by renowned New Jersey architect Paul Barlo & Associates.  These modular homes tend to be more customized and thus carry a slightly higher price point.

We can work with you to customize nearly any floor plan, or even design your very own modular home from the ground up, based on your goals and preferences.  You are welcome to work with Barlo or our other Jersey Shore architectural partners to design the home of your dreams.  Or you can of course work with your own NJ architect if you have a firm that you feel comfortable with.

Contact the Jersey Shore Modular Home Experts

Whether you are just starting the process of thinking about a new home, or if you are ready to go, we invite you to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.  You can either visit us at our office and showroom in Pt. Pleasant NJ or we can come to your home or proposed home site if that suits you better.

When we meet a homeowner for the first time, we typically like to ask a series of questions to gain an understanding of your goals, your lifestyle, your tastes, your budget, and your timeline. Once we have some clarity about what you are looking for, we can more easily recommend a course of action for you, whether that means a standard modular home, a custom modular, or even a custom designed stick-built home.

NJ RREM Grant Program and Financing Support Team

If you have applied for grant money, such as the NJ RREM Grant, or some other type of grant or financing, we have a dedicated staff who can help you with all of your paperwork. Many homeowners choose us as their RREM Pathway B expert due to our experience guiding people through the confusing process of actually obtaining their grant money.  Although the funds from the program have been released slowly, we have seen several homeowners get their money in recent months.  2015 will be a very busy year as more and more people get access to their money, information they need to rebuild, and ultimately take the steps to build their next home.

New Jersey Modular Home Pros – Local Areas We Serve

Complete Construction & Remodeling  is a New Jersey Modular Home Builder based in Pt. Pleasant NJ and we work with homeowners up and down the Jersey Shore, including Monmouth County, Ocean County, Atlantic County, and Cape May County.  We look forward to working with you and helping you build or rebuild the home of your dreams!

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